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& Lockables

locking tongue buckles
heel tongue buckle
center bar tongue buckle
double tongue buckle
conway buckle
locking posts
plate staples
padlocks with key

Rings, Loops
& Tie-downs


Rivets & Fasteners
two-part hit together
chicago screw posts
snap together fasteners

swivel snaphooks
panic snaphooks
double end snaphooks
rigid snaphooks

Chain / Leather Straps
& Webbing

link chain
leather strapping
strap webbing
webbing supplies

Spikes & Studs
screw in spikes

Tools & Leather Care

leather tools
rivet tools
Leather Care Products

Gags & Nipple Clamps & Riding Crop
ball gags
ball gag post
pony bits
nipple clamps
riding crop
ben wa balls

Eyelets & Grommets
boot hooks
speed laces

Rings, Loops & Tie Downs

loop and triangle ring

Loop and Rings

These combination rings are another popular way to give your equipment a different look. They're particularly attractive to folks with a fetish for lots of shiny steel. They tend to make a jangling noise, as you might expect.

Triangle solid rings

Triangle Rings

Triangle rings can be used anywhere you'd use a dee ring, however they do perform a little bit differently. While something attached to a dee will slide evenly as it changes its angle to the ring, the shape of a triangle will tend to keep the attachment centered. An inexpensive choice for a different look. These triangle rings are made of steel wire and are welded closed.

Dee Ring solid

Dee Rings

Dee rings are extremely common in bondage gear, used as attachment points. All of the dees offered by WWL Hardware made of steel wire and are welded shut and heavy enough for typical bondage tasks.

Round Welded Rings

Round Rings

Round rings have a number of BDSM uses, from CBT apparatus such as Gates of Hell to adornments and attachment points of restraints and collars. These rings are welded closed. The larger ones make excellent center points for harnesses and complex tethers.

Split Rectangular Rings

Rectangular Split Rings

These split rings make great little strap keepers on buckling gear. They're inexpensive, easy to put on a piece of gear, and effective for the purpose. They are "split," meaning not welded shut, and are not suited to load-bearing applications.

Halter Squares

Halter Squares

Halter squares are equine hardware, borrowed from (naturally enough) halters. With two or three individual strap locations at right angles, they make neat looking collars, harnesses, and tethers. Great chance to use your imagination! These are all zinc diecast.

Ring Post

Ring Posts

These little ring posts have a lot of potential for the inventive crafter. Don't use them for heavy-duty locations, but for a leash attachment point on a collar they're very attractive and unique. Cuffs, furniture pieces... use some imagination. Attractive enough to look purely decorative out in the open.

Clip with Dee Ring

Clip with Dee Ring

Clip dees are small dee rings with attached metal tabs. They're attached with a fastener through the hole in the tab, and can be used in place of standard dees or as the eyelets in a lace-up fitting... as seen on many work boots. Clip dees are also good as quick attachment points on furniture items.

Tie Down Ring

Tie Down Ring

Tie ring for fixed attachment. This sturdy steel plate and ring makes an excellent attachment point on furniture, walls, and so on. Plate measures 1-7/8" square, ring is 2"

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