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Buckles and Lockables

locking tongue

Locking Tongue Roller Buckles

The locking roller buckles, center bar styles and heel bar, are very popular among BDSMers. The tongue has a loop at its end, large enough to take a small padlock. The closure cannot be opened with a lock in-place. Great for bondage gear. Gear made with these buckles should use 1/2" oblong slots in the tongue strap. Oblong punches are available in the tool section. All of these locking roller buckles are zinc diecast. Small locks for these buckles are in the padlock section of our site.

Center Bar Buckle

Center Bar Roller Buckles

Bearing all the features of a roller buckle with the addition of a heel bar, the center bar roller buckle is another good all-around choice. The heel bar functions as a strap keeper on these buckles. All of these center bar buckles are zinc diecast.

Heel Bar Roller Buckle

Heel Bar Roller Buckles

Steel roller buckles are the most popular buckles for bondage gear. The cylindrical roller on the front bar lets the buckle be pulled tighter, while also protecting the leather from abrasion. WWL Hardware carries the most popular sizes in nickel, plus one roller buckle in black.

Double Tongue Roller Buckle

Double-Tongue Roller Buckle

These buckles are nickel plated steel and heavy duty. Available for a 2"strap. This big buckle is great where extra strength is required, since the two tongues share the load and distribute it across more of the tongue strap.

Conway Buckles

Conway Buckles

Conway buckles are another type of hardware that comes to us from the world of horse tack. They work a lot like our floating lock posts. A Conway buckle joins two straps of equal width (the width of the buckle, ideally) without being secured to either. By placing a series of holes in each strap, the result is a very adjustable closure. Use Conway buckles on bed straps and similar projects. These Conway buckles are zinc diecast.

Padlock with key for locking post and locking plate staples

Small Padlocks and Key Locks

These small locks with keys are perfect for all the locking posts and buckles available from WWL Hardware. Except where noted, these locks are zinc diecast.

Locking Posts

Locking Posts

A lock post is a small piece of hardware with a base and upright post. There's a hole drilled through the post near the top. By trapping two pieces of leather (or other material) on the post between base and a lock through this top hole, you create a secure closure. Standard lock posts have one or more holes in the base, and are attached to the lower piece of material.

Plate Staple

Plate Staples

One of the most popular locking closures for do-it-yourself crafters, a plate staple consists of a flat base and protruding hoop. It's usually secured to one side of the closure and inserted through a slot in the opposite side. A lock can them go through the hoop to secure the closure. Snaps and clips can also hold these closures shut. We spec'ed these plate staples specifically for bondage use. The hoops on these staples still take bigger locks, but the narrower slots required result in stronger, more durable cuffs.

Tie Down Ring

Tie Down Ring

Tie ring for fixed attachment. This sturdy steel plate and ring makes an excellent attachment point on furniture, walls, and so on. Plate measures 1-7/8" square, ring is 2".

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